• Cocktails
    Two equal Three

    If you take two cocktails, can take the third absolutely free.                                     
    Valid all week from 18:00 to 01:00 for cocktails, 01:00 to 04:00 Promotion 2 = 3

    Share 5 = 10 and 10 = 20

    When you order five shots, you get five more for free. The
                                         When you order ten shots, you get ten more for free.



    Cloud Sushi Bar&Cocktail Bar – here, just in the heart of the Tallinn, you can find a cozy, originally designed sushi-hookah bar and cocktail-bar. Stting on the comfortable sofas under tender light, you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of cloudy serenity and easy relaxation, and in the second room. You will enjoy delicious Japanese cuisine, original cocktails and professionally made hookahs. If it is your birthday, Cloud Bar will serve you a nice gift - one good bottle of champagne! In the Cloud Bar you can always spend your time and with pleasure and interest! You are always welcome!


    Birthday in CLOUD BAR

    For those who celebrate, CLOUD BAR presents a bottle of champagne and congratulates each birthday person personally! In the Cloud Bar you will always have fun, fun and with interest! Waiting for you!

    Our news

    From Friday to Saturday from 18:00 - There is apromotion 2 = 3

    If you order two coctail, you get a third free. The action is valid only for Mojito, Cuba Libre, Long Island, Tequila Sunrise coctails.